Feb 27, 2012

Jackie - Blue Zone

Blue Zone consisted of:
 Lisa Stansfield: lead vocals.
 Ian Devaney: trombone, keyboards, guitar, backing vocals.
 Andy Morris: trumpet, flugelhorn, electronic keyboards and backing vocals.

After the Big Thing album (1988) and the singles "On Fire", "Thinking About His Baby" and "Jackie" (included here with the B-side "There Was I"), the trio and label Arista decided to focus on Stansfield's solo career.
Morris would co-write and co-produce the first three Stansfield albums, before departing the trio.
Devaney and Stansfield would eventually marry, and now own a music publishing business, and continue to write and record together.

Jackie [Single Version]
Jackie [Wake Up Mix]
Jackie [Shotgun Scream Mix]
There Was I

* Jackie - Blue Zone