Jun 8, 2009

Symmetry - Phil Oakey Little Boots

One of my favorite voices from the eighties Phil Oakey has a new duet of sorts with Little Boots.
It's nice Phil but get to work on the next HL album, Pleeeeese.
If you'd like some help with new tracks lemme know


* Symmetry - Phil Oakey


djethell said...

Am I really stupid or something but where are the passwords.? Please don't say in the comments because I appear to be the first person to leave a comment! D x

cdmaniac said...

All of my passwords are some form of this "http://80sdigex.blogspot.com/", if you're using a Mac you might have to fiddle with it as some Mac user have trouble unraring. E-mail me the outcome. Enjoy!

cdmaniac said...

E-mail me through my profile

gaston said...

please let me know this way the passwords for blue mercedes,i thing i'm stupid too

cdmaniac said...

Hi Gaston,
Please see above comment.
Unfortunately Ive had a computer crash & I have no idea where these tracks are so I couldnt send it to you directly at this time.