Sep 9, 2008

Don't Wanna See Myself - Boy George

Another tasty Boy George Track to dance to.


* Don't Wanna See Myself (Kinky Roland Mix) - Boy George

Sep 8, 2008

The First Picture of You - The Lotus Eaters

"The First Picture of You" is the debut single by the new wave group The Lotus Eaters. The single is taken from their album, No Sense of Sin. It was a top 40 hit in on the UK Singles Chart, reaching number fifteen.

The First Picture of You (12 inch mix)


* The First Picture of You - The Lotus Eaters

Sep 5, 2008

Big in Japan (Swemix Remix) - Alphaville

Alphaville is a German synthpop group which gained popularity in the 1980s. The founding members were Marian Gold (real name Hartwig Schierbaum, born May 26, 1954 in Herford), Bernhard Lloyd (real name Bernhard Gößling, born June 6, 1960 in Enger, North Rhine-Westphalia), and Frank Mertens (real name Frank Sorgatz, born October 26, 1961 in Enger, North Rhine-Westphalia). The band was at first named Forever Young before changing to Alphaville. They are best known for their two biggest hits, "Big in Japan" and "Forever Young".

Big in Japan (Swemix Remix) 7"
Big in Japan (Swemix Remix) 12"
Big in Japan (Swemix Dub)


* Big in Japan (Swemix Remix) - Alphaville

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Alphaville - Big In Japan 1992 A.D Remix

Sep 3, 2008

Water on Glass - Kim Wilde

Wilde released her debut single "Kids in America" in January 1981. It was an instant success, reaching number two in the UK Singles Chart and scaling the Top 5 in other markets such as Germany, France and Australia. Although it achieved only moderate success in the U.S., peaking at number 25 when belatedly released in 1982, it is often regarded today as Wilde's signature song.
Her debut album Kim Wilde repeated the success of the single, spawning two further hits in "Chequered Love" (Top 5 in the UK, France, Australia and Germany) and the UK-only single "Water on Glass".

Water on Glass


* Water on Glass - Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde - Essential