Aug 5, 2008

Life in Tokyo - Japan

Aligning themselves with disco god Giorgio Moroder, the 1979 single “Life in Tokyo” marked a major turning point for Japan. Already having written several new songs in Moroder’s style, including the later released “European Son,” the caterpillar-lipped producer seemed a likely choice for the band. Now singing with a bit of a shouty croon, the “Life in Tokyo” Sylvian positioned himself as a sort of Bryan Ferry for the coming decade, complete with clipped coif and red leather blazer. Backed by a precision beat from Jansen, wiggly bass and scary saxophones from Karn, icy synthesizers from Barbieri, and atmospheric guitar from Dean, the single laid a good deal of the groundwork for nearly everything the band would create over their next three albums.

Their last album for Ariola-Hansa, 1979’s “Quiet Life,” carried the feel over from “Life in Tokyo,” particularly on the title track. Showing an exponential increase in artistic control and production quality, the album effortlessly moves from the title track's fey disco into much more contemplative album cuts. The album marks Japan's first collaboration with producer John Punter, who had, among other projects, engineered Roxy Music's first three albums and produced their 1974 LP, "Country Life." Japan later hailed Quiet Life" as a major turning point.

Life in Tokyo 7"
Life in Tokyo (Special Remix)
Life in Tokyo (1982 Remix)


* Life in Tokyo - Japan

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