Jul 6, 2008

Over My Head - Toni Basil

Multi-award winning performer/choreographer/director/producer, Toni Basil, has been at the vanguard of dance and music for the last thirty years.

She received a Gold Album for 1981’s Word Of Mouth and a double platinum record for her smash single – Mickey, and holds the same from the UK, Canada and Australia. She received a Grammy nomination for her Word Of Mouth long-form video album, which she produced, choreographed, and directed.
Billboard’s #1 song for the month of December, 1982, Mickey was installed in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the groundbreaking singles of the 1980’s, and has appeared on the soundtrack to countless films.
The Mickey music video, which featured Basil dancing in a Las Vegas High cheerleader outfit (her alma mater), resides in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, and in 1992, earned her a place as an American Video Artist in the coveted Museum of Modern Art’s calendar.

Her second Chrysalis album, Toni Basil, spawned the MTV Music Award nominated video hit “Over My Head.” She also starred, co-directed, and choreographed two self-titled BBC-television specials, which were re-aired in record time due to unprecedented audience response, and are credited as launching “Mickey” as a hit single in the U.K. charts and, ultimately, worldwide.

Over My Head

LP version
Special Extended Remix
mhp's dancefloor mix
Mickey (Spanish Version)



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