Jul 4, 2008

Listening - Pseudo Echo

Pseudo Echo are an Australian Pop band, which were part of the New Romantic movement of the early 1980s. Formed in 1982 by school friends Brian Canham and Pierre Gigliotti, the band completed its lineup with Anthony Argiro and Tony Lugton.

Their first album Autumnal Park was an Ultravox-influenced album that yielded the Australian singles "Listening" (produced by Peter Dawkins) , "Stranger in Me", "Dancing Till Midnight", and "Beat for You". Their climb to success in the summer of 1984 was rapid, and they quickly became the second biggest band in Australia after INXS.
"His Eyes", a track from their first album, received exposure in the US as it was used in the movie Friday the 13th:A New Beginning.

In 2000 they released the double CD Teleporter, which featured 4 all-new tracks, 5 re-mixed tracks, and a live performance in Melbourne featuring all the tracks from Autumnal Park except for "From the Shore", along with a few tracks from Love an Adventure and a performance of the rare B-side "In Their Time".

Since reuniting in 1999, the band has been touring constantly in Australia, and were last seen touring with the "Idols of the 80s" in 2005.

Recommended:Best Adventures & Long Plays 83-87

Included here are Listening & Listening (extended),also included is
Hope I Go to Heaven from 2000's Teleporter, a great CD!


* Pseudo Echo 3-pak


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Great to see a post on Pseudo Echo. Thanks. Best track of theirs I think was 'Don't Go' from their second album 'Love An Adventure' - as you say very Ultravox influenced. Little bit of trivia, they appeared on the national music TV show 'Countdown' performing 'Listening' before they had a recording contract. EMI snapped them up next day.