May 22, 2008

Rose Arcana (Extended Mix) - Arcadia

Arcadia was the one of the Duran Duran splinter groups of 1985.
While Andy & John were fiddling at The Power Station,
Roger, Simon & Nick moved to Arcadia.
Included here is the B-side of The Promise,
Rose Arcana (Extended Mix)


* Rose Arcana (Extended Mix)

May 21, 2008

Me! I Disconnect From You - Gary Numan

I love synth!
Right on the cusp of the 80's,
but good enough to be included.
As you may know Gary was with
The Tubeway Army at this time,
however many people associate this to just Gary.
Either way a great track!!
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* Me! I Disconnect From You

Baby's in the Mountains - Peter Godwin

Peter Godwin, formerly with the band Metro
had mild success in the early 1980s with
Images of Heaven & included here
Baby's in the Mountains.


* Baby's in the Mountains

May 18, 2008

White Boy - Culture Club

White Boy was Cultures Club's first single (UK only)
Culture Club was my favorite Band during the 80's
and because it was their first single I thought
it should be my first post.

Ripped from vinyl, not available on CD.


* White Boy (Extended Dance Mix)

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